• Marcin Owczarek art

    Marcin Owczarek is a prolific photographer. He is fascinated with the influence of new technologies over human life, particulary...

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    Stanton Warriors are planning to put on a big performance next month at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The duo from...

  • 90's childhood characters on twitter

    What if Twitter were around in the 90's? Well, it probably would have been awful and looked terrible. But fear not, your favorite characters from the 90's are all on Twitter with their very own parody accounts (we chose only the best ones). Enjoy!

    1. Danny Tanner

    (Full House)

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    Between the release of his newest single “Poseidon...

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    Check out the tournament bracket and SEE WHO WON!

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August Alsina is One to Watch

A new sound has risen out of New Orleans. When we think of New Orleans and its music we think of the gritty streets, the violence, the booty bouncing and the music that circulates around drugs and the fast money culture.

Audien Returns to Anjunabeats With New Track "Hindsight"

Responsible for some of the scene's biggest recent anthems in "Wayfarer," "Elysium" and "Iris," Audien returns to Anjunabeats with yet another impeccably produced melodic innovation - "Hindsight".

Night Terrors of 1927 Release Remix of "Dust and Bones"

Night Terrors of 1927 has released a remix of their single, “Dust And Bones” by Wax Nostalgic that Indie Shuffle calls “epic,” and “the summer anthem of 2014".

The breezy remix of “Dust And Bones” reworks the original single from the band’s debut EP Guilty Pleas. You can check out the original video for “Dust And Bones” here!

Yonatan Gat to Release 'Iberian Passage' EP May 27th

It should come as no surprise that after years of touring with his band Monotonix, once hailed by SPIN as the “most exciting live rock band in rock 'n' roll", that Yonatan Gat would carry that same intensity in his own act.

Kitsune Announces Release of 'Kitsune AMERICA 3' Compilation LP

If there’s one thing Kitsuné’s renowned for, apart from stylish garb, it’s its flair.

So being handed the Parisian label’s latest findings out of the talent brewing in the USA today is a proper treat, as 'Kitsuné AMERICA', the compilation series, never fails to deliver a fresh and innovative selection of offbeat musical snapshots, even by American standards.

Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix and Like Mike Release Music Video for New Track "Tremor"

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Martin Garrix have teamed up to bring electronic music lovers the club hit of the summer.

Their newest track "Tremor" was released last week, and earlier this morning they dropped the new music video for the banging hit. View it here and get ready for "Tremor" to become the anthem to your festival season!

Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix and Like Mike Collaborate on New "Tremor" Track

This is the collaboration of the century! Kings of the big room Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike team up with the great Martin Garrix to bring you "Tremor".

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano Releases New Single "One Life"

You only live once, so best make the most of your time on earth and experience life to the fullest.

TV Reviews: Archer Season 5 Finale "Arrivals/Departures" 5x13

And just like that, Archer: Vice's run has been completed. It was an interesting deviation from the spy stories and created a new sort of havoc that we haven't seen in Archer, but I'm glad that Adam Reed will be going back to the original format.

Bailiff Releases New LP 'Remise' Today

Bailiff's debut full-length, 2011’s Red Balloon, blew the band’s blues-rock-rooted sound wide open.

The Trouble With Templeton Set to Release Debut Album May 13th

Bella Union are thrilled to announce the signing of acclaimed Australian quintet The Trouble With Templeton whose debut album Rookie will be released May 13th.

Mister Finch's Fairytale Creatures

Mister Finch is a self-taught textile artist based in Yorkshire, England, with a knack for creating charming, smartly dressed stuffed animals. Don't let them fool you--these are not mere children's toys. They are works of art, with each button, stitch, and ruffle strategically placed.

Christina Aguilera Confirms Album Rumors

According to Christina Aguilera's twitter, the pop star will be coming out with a new album in the near future.

Saturday afternoon she tweeted "So blissful in taking this time for creating all things blossoming new on the horizon...album, baby & beautiful music to come."

Netflix Streaming Movie Review: End of Watch

It's not a great movie but it is watchable.

David Ayer is a true pro.

It's 5/8th's as good as Training Day and I would watch it 500 straight times before I attempted to watch that slog 12 Years a Slave again.

Gyllenhaal and Peña are believable as well as layered. They come off as very sweet and kind.

Bands to Look Out For: Hunter & Wolfe

I know what you're thinking: not another indie band from Brooklyn. Folk duo Hunter & Wolfe, however, stand out.


To quote Jay-Z and Slick Rick before him, the Ruler's back.

Excuse my absence. I've been too infuriated to write one of these because Esquire Magazine is infringing on my real estate.

I'll tell Esquire the same thing I told that punk ass James Franco:

Every time I come in the kitchen, YOU in the kitchen.

Get To Know: Dave Hill

Self- proclaimed "Pride Of Cleveland" Dave Hill is the definition of jack-of-all-trades. He has been in the music business for over twenty years, stirring up some noise with Sons Of Elvis, Cobra Verde and Valley Lodge.

Iggy Azalea's 'New Classic' Not Much of a Classic, Afterall

After a short delay, the release date for Iggy Azalea's debut album is just around the corner.

The album, boastfully titled, 'The New Classic,' sounded promising, especially with all the hype that label mate and collaborator, T.I. has been giving it. Unfortunately, 'The New Classic' doesn't quite live up to it's name.

Sidney Samson and Eva Simons Release "Celebrate The Rain"

Sidney Samson & Eva Simons teamed up this amazing new Spinnin’ release. Sidney produced, Eva sang and the result is staggering - a wonderful uplifting progressive song called "Celebrate The Rain".

This will do well on radio and on the dance floor, no doubt about it.

Juan Fontanive's Breathtaking Flip Books

Juan Fontanive is an east-coast artist who captures the beauty of movement; from the soft flutter of a butterflies wings to the frenzued flapping of a hummingbird's, his flip books bring simply, though nonetheless exquisite, moments in nature to life.