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    (Full House)

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Bands to Look Out For: Hunter & Wolfe

I know what you're thinking: not another indie band from Brooklyn. Folk duo Hunter & Wolfe, however, stand out.


To quote Jay-Z and Slick Rick before him, the Ruler's back.

Excuse my absence. I've been too infuriated to write one of these because Esquire Magazine is infringing on my real estate.

I'll tell Esquire the same thing I told that punk ass James Franco:

Every time I come in the kitchen, YOU in the kitchen.

Get To Know: Dave Hill

Self- proclaimed "Pride Of Cleveland" Dave Hill is the definition of jack-of-all-trades. He has been in the music business for over twenty years, stirring up some noise with Sons Of Elvis, Cobra Verde and Valley Lodge.

Iggy Azalea's 'New Classic' Not Much of a Classic, Afterall

After a short delay, the release date for Iggy Azalea's debut album is just around the corner.

The album, boastfully titled, 'The New Classic,' sounded promising, especially with all the hype that label mate and collaborator, T.I. has been giving it. Unfortunately, 'The New Classic' doesn't quite live up to it's name.

Sidney Samson and Eva Simons Release "Celebrate The Rain"

Sidney Samson & Eva Simons teamed up this amazing new Spinnin’ release. Sidney produced, Eva sang and the result is staggering - a wonderful uplifting progressive song called "Celebrate The Rain".

This will do well on radio and on the dance floor, no doubt about it.

Juan Fontanive's Breathtaking Flip Books

Juan Fontanive is an east-coast artist who captures the beauty of movement; from the soft flutter of a butterflies wings to the frenzued flapping of a hummingbird's, his flip books bring simply, though nonetheless exquisite, moments in nature to life.

10 Year-Old Producer, Aiden Jude, Releases Debut Single

In music, age is just a number, if you have talent – you have an audience.

Lael Summer Releases Debut Album 'Burden to Bear'

Leal Summer, a born and raised New York City native, recently released her debut album ‘Burden to Bear’.

Joel Havea Set to Release Upcoming 'Strings & Woods' EP Late May

Australian born, German transplant singer and songwriter, Joel Havea, is set to release his much anticipated 'Strings & Woods' on May 24th.

In the meantime, there is much to view and listen to in preparation of Havea's release. For those who are fans of Ben Harper and John Mayer, you are bound to fall head over heals for what Havea has to offer musically.

Get To Know: Deniz Koyu

He burst onto the electronic music scene back in 2011, and since then has been collecting fans including Calvin Harris, Fedde le Grand, Avicii, Axwell, Tiesto and David Guetta to play and promote his own music.

Deniz Koyu, a Turkish DJ and electronic music producer, specializes in the genres of progressive house and electro-house.

Spinnin' TV is the MTV for Dance Music

Spinnin’ TV is the world’s best viewed dance channel on YouTube after going beyond the 5 million subscribers mark. Of all the music channels, regardless of genre, Spinnin’ TV now has the 18th spot.

The Range Releases Official Remix of CHVRCHES' Single "We Sink"

In celebration of his upcoming national sold-out tour with CHVRCHES that begins next week, The Range has today released an official remix of the Scottish trio’s “We Sink” off 2013’s acclaimed 'The Bones of What You Believe'.

Chet Faker Releases Video for "1998" Single, Announces Spring Tour Dates

Chet Faker has been building a name for himself both in the US and abroad over the last few years, and just released his highly anticipated debut album 'Built On Glass' this week on Downtown Records/Future Classic.

Ultra Europe Releases Killer Phase 2 Lineup

It’s full steam ahead now to Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coast as ULTRA EUROPE unveils the sublime second wave of acts.

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD "Providence" 1x18

Agents of SHIELD is becoming the show we've all wanted it to be. It may have taken far longer than anyone would have liked but all that matters is this is the show we've been waiting for.

Amanda Seyfried & Stewie Griffin The Doppelganger Special

They are the only two people on earth that have better peripheral vision than regular vision.

God created man in his own image and hammerhead sharks in Amanda Seyfried's image.

If you wanted to look Amanda Seyfried in the eye when you talked to her you'd literally have to pick one.

Ok I'll stop now.

TV Review: Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 19 "A Heavy Weight"

Chicago Fire returned tonight dealing with the suicide of one of their own.

When a character commits suicide on a TV show, typically it will be at least a little bit shocking, leaving the next episode dealing with that aftermath, with each character reacting a little differently.

Kryoman Releases His Official After Movie from Ultra 2014

Kryoman is on fire, racking up a record amount of appearances at the world-renowned Ultra Music Festival Miami and Winter Music Conference.

John Butler Trio's Take on Pharell's Hit Single "Happy"

Midway through their national Australian tour, John Butler Trio found time in their packed sell-out schedule to drop by Australian National Youth Broadcaster Triple J Studio to take part in the acclaimed Like A Version series.

Ripping out a jam of Pharrell's almost-record-breaking #1 hit "Happy", the video for the clip has racked up almost 100,000 views a day since being uploaded.

British Electronic Group, Clean Bandit, Announces Debut Album 'New Eyes'

Big Beat and Atlantic Records has announced the release of hugely anticipated debut album from British electronic group Clean Bandit with 'NEW EYES', which arrives in America on June 17th.